Baroque Studies

Cascade, Silkscreen on leather and mirror, 2019_ Detail

doi kim, art, printmaking, doi kim artist

Embellishment_ Duality of the blind , Silkscreen and acrylic paint on leather and mirror, 2019

Baroque studies (2019.9-11) is a work that explores how the expression of Baroque art mediated between the rapidly changing circumstances and individuals. In the 15th to 17th centuries, when Baroque art flourished, Europe underwent a time of reformation in many ways. Radical scientific discoveries by scientists such as Copernicus and Newton changed the way people perceived the world completely, and the notion of the nation changed greatly as seen in John Locke’s theory of social contract. At the same time, the fear of death from the plague was rampant.

 I chose Baroque era because I thought the situation of the period is analogous to the current world. The concept of nation has been changed due to globalization, and the rapid development of science has been requiring a new way of perception and human behavior. Climate change and environmental pollution are threatening human existence.

The work Baroque Studies consists of silkscreen printed leathers and mirrors. Mirror in the center refers to the concept of Baroque play. If the theater is a reflection of the world, will the mirror in the theater amplify the illusion of the play, or will it reflect the audience facing the stage? The mirror serves as a medium to invite viewers to contemplate and approach to another truth beyond the two realities: the reality of the stage and the spectator.  Repeated patterns printed on leather conjure up another baroque idea, a fractal structure in which parts reflect the whole.

doi kim, art, artist, doi kim art, printmaking

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Silkscreen on leather and mirror, 2019